The monsters are all right

Sesame Street doesn’t need federal funding. Just take a stroll down the toy aisle during your next trip to Wal-Mart for proof. I guarantee you that if all federal funding for PBS ended today, Sesame Street would still be on television for the next decade at the very least.

Government funding of any media isn’t necessary, because media of any value will stick around. “Viewers Like You” can keep the shows you like alive just by watching them, without having to pay taxes. But that doesn’t stop the insidious arguments: state-funded media is great, it gave you Sesame Street! Never mind that to begin with the principle of state-funded media is antithetical to the idea of free speech. The founders wrote the first amendment to protect speech that in particular was critical of government. When the government funds that speech, there is inherent conflict. Liberal policies tend to support the expansion of government, so it’s no surprise that media like NPR (and as much as I love and grew up with it, Sesame Street) lean left.

In the end, this argument is illustrative of how far the left will go to defend their ideological pillars. Seriously, Republicans want to end PBS because we hate Elmo and Big Bird? At least attribute to us some humanity.


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