Screw you guys, we’re going home

My girlfriend warned me about losing potential liberal fans of Ralph and Chuck after seeing this cartoon. Actually, “warns” me would be the better word –  this is an ongoing discussion. The way I see it, as obsessed with politics as I am, there’s no point keeping it out of my cartoons. Ralph and Chuck is a reflection of me as much as anything else, and politics are going to come out. If I’m going to be political, why not be unapologetic? I have nothing to hide, and I’d rather stay obscure while being true to my principles than get popular pretending to be something I’m not.

Plus, this is much too rich of a target not to take a shot at: what, after months and months of yelling yourself hoarse about how the Republican Party is the party of No, a party of obstructionists, a party of division and polarization, can you possibly say when your own party doesn’t even show up to vote? There’s no defense for that! After constant refrains of “you lost, we won, get with the program,” and after constant referrals to the will and mandate of the voters, what could your defense possibly be against a Republican party that had the audacity to win in November? I’m proud of my party of No: at least it’s not a party of Cartmans.

I don’t care if the Democrats don’t go along with the Republican agenda. I don’t expect them to. But I think attendance is kind of a prerequisite to becoming a political representative, don’t you think? When the Democrats were in power, at least the Republicans showed up!


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