Games, global warming, and greenbacks *UPDATE*

Apologies for not writing a blog post for Friday!

Friday’s cartoon was to celebrate the release of the Nintendo 3DS on Sunday. I’ve been sitting on that cartoon for a while! No matter how big a step the 3DS ends up being in terms of immersive gameplay, it still won’t make any of us any more competent at Real Life.

Today’s cartoon came from a conversation I overheard on the elevator. A guy said pretty much the same thing to his girlfriend, and it cracked me up! I couldn’t help sharing his sentiments. I’m lucky that one of my girlfriend’s majors is Spanish. The foreign language doesn’t sit well with me, especially when we devote entire units to “El Medio Ambiente.” You try explaining why “climate change” is bunk, in Spanish, and then you’ll understand my frustration.

Also, today I received my first check for my freelance cartooning job! It’s a great feeling to get payed for doing what you love to do. I’m excited about the project, but I won’t be able to explain more until it really gets rolling. Stay tuned!


The project has been put on hold due to unforeseen circumstances. It might happen someday, but I don’t know right now.


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