Puppies and prognostication

This year marks the first time I filled out an NCAA March Madness bracket, and aesthetic judgments of logos and mascots was my method of choice. I really do know next to nothing about basketball, so it’s all I had to go by.

Don’t laugh too quickly, though – I successfully predicted the Morehead State upset over Louisville, which people tell me was a big one (my logic: an eagle would totally beat a cardinal in a fight). And even though the rest of my bracket was destroyed in the later rounds, I still have Connecticut winning overall. I’ll be rooting for Butler, because 1) My grandma went there, 2) It’s an Indiana team, and 3) Who doesn’t love an underdog (if you can call them that at this point)? Nevertheless, it’s fun that the championship is going to be played between the team I want to win and the team I picked to win. I can’t lose!

I was going to employ my same brilliant method of conjecture before I realized that by doing so, I would be contemplating the logistics of a dogfight. Something morally doesn’t let me do that, so I’ll be abstaining from a prediction this time and just watching the game. Not that my opinion there matters much anyway!


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