Standing firm

If the government shuts down at midnight tonight, life will go on.

The police will still function. Emergency personnel will still function. The entitlement checks will still be mailed. The military will still be in action (although the Democrats seem to feel they shouldn’t be paid. What’s up with that?)

In other words, only “nonessential personnel” would be out of action. Which means that the vast majority of Americans wouldn’t even realize the government was shut down if the media didn’t tell them. A point that should be made is that this is the federal government that would be shut down. People in DC probably should be a little worried, but the rest of us will still have our trash picked up on time.

If Democrats can’t see reason when it comes to our towering debt, I’m all for a government shutdown. A couple of weeks without the nanny state will show Americans that, gee, we don’t really need an ever expanding government to survive. As long as Republicans can effectively communicate why the shutdown is happening (Democrats refusing to compromise on perfectly reasonable cuts), it will play right into the Tea Party’s hands, and help the conservative movement as a whole.

If you can communicate effectively, and stand your ground, there is no reason why you should have to capitulate. When conservatives act conservative, they win. When they compromise on their principles, they lose.

“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” -Abraham Lincoln

The American people will stand behind their representatives if their representatives are principled enough to stand behind them.


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