Now that it’s spring, I thought I’d draw a cartoon that recognized the coming of the season. I loved the weather yesterday, and I’m happy it’s going to get up to 60 degrees again today. Unfortunately, I’ll be spending almost all of my day inside writing a paper.

I’ve had similar experiences when it comes to bees – you know in your head that they won’t sting you unless you bother them, and you’re actually not that worried. But then they start flying at your head, and following you around, and all of the sudden you’re eight years old again and doing the “GET AWAY FROM ME” dance. I think that in addition to sensing fear, bees can sense when they’re not being respected. They always seem to go after either the people that are most afraid of them or those that are trying their hardest not to show any fear.

I don’t think there’s any real shame in having a healthy respect for and wariness around bees. They’re the ones with the stingers, after all.


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