Little 500

The plot of this cartoon is pretty much how I came up with the idea. I need a cartoon idea. I should do one about Little 500. What’s funny about Little 500? I could do something about drunk people. 

Any ideas I came up with weren’t all that good, or they were ideas that I didn’t necessarily want to post on a blog that my family reads (even though this is a strip run in a college newspaper, as a general rule I try to keep it a “family” cartoon where the rule of thumb is not to depict anything illegal). I thought this idea was silly and innocuous enough to keep up that trend, while still making a relevant observation about Little 500.

But seriously, I don’t understand the drinking thing. I can understand wanting a little buzz, but there is nothing appealing to me about the can’t-stand-up-straight, puking-your-guts-out things you see on campus sometimes. And I really don’t understand the people that do it again and again. Ralphing and chucking is usually an experience one doesn’t want to repeat.

See what I did there? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Little 500

  1. I’ve been to a few parties where there have been people at (or past) the stumbling/puking stage you referred to… one time it was serious enough that people were starting to consider taking the guy (one of our fellow Noblesville grads, as a matter of fact) to the hospital. He ended up being okay (besides what I must assume was a terrific hangover in the morning), but seeing people like that has been easily enough to convince me that that level of drunkenness majorly isn’t worth it.

    I’ve figured that the explanation for this kind of behavior is that the people in question take the idea of drinking to be more-than-anything-else a competition to be won… which most rational people realize is a rather bad idea.

    On the other hand, for those who are emotionally/mentally capable of handling themselves, drinking can definitely be an enjoyable (and non-regrettable) experience. …This coming from a former hardcore teetotaler, no less.

    • Thing is, when one drinks, one is ingesting a substance known to impair judgment and reasoning. I have no doubt that drinking in moderation can be an enjoyable experience, but any sort of “testing the limits” kind of drinking, where one might put themselves at a level where they don’t know to stop, to me just seems inherently stupid.

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