Hot cartoon guys

This cartoon is based off of a personal anecdote from two of my friends. It was a story that was well-suited to a four-panel strip, so I took advantage! When you write comics for a long time, you learn not to be too picky about where your ideas come from, and that includes shamelessly “borrowing” ideas or jokes from friends and family. I figure it’s all good if I give credit where it’s due on the blog. At least one of the two people involved in this story expressed her desire to stay nameless, at least to the teeming masses that read this blog, for obvious reasons. That is why I’m not mentioning anyone specifically.

Cartoons like these are very tedious to draw. Four panels usually means drawing one or two characters once more than usual, and with the addition of John “Throwaway” Doe, that ends up being a lot of drawing. Also, this cartoon feature the two leading ladies of Ralph and Chuck, who I can’t whip out in the same way that I can with our two leading men. I just don’t draw Sarah and Lily as often! Also, because of the hair, it takes extra long to color the girls in Illustrator (more layers). Let’s just say I was cutting it a little close to my deadline on this one.

This cartoon was also interesting because it marked the first and most likely last time I will do a Google Image search for “hot cartoon guys.” You can never rule anything out, though.

Finally, I’m proud of the expression on Sarah’s face in the third panel. Coupled with the awkward pose, it’s visual gag gold.


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