Go away, Trump

Good grief, I’m sick of Donald Trump.

Not just in the “go away, I’m sick of hearing about the birth certificate” sense, which most people share. I’m sick of Donald Trump as a conservative.

I hate it when someone is called a conservative just because said person says he/she is a conservative. Records matter. And Donald Trump is no conservative. He’s getting airtime because he has a TV show and everyone knows his name, while legitimate candidate possibilities that have been on the front lines for years are ignored or pilloried.

I blame the media more than anything else. First of all for giving Trump all the attention he’s been getting, and second for allowing the birther issue to persist for as long as they did. What they and the Obama administration did was use the birther issue as a tool to label those that oppose Obama as racist. Otherwise, why did the Obama administration wait so long to release the long-form birth certificate, and why was there no pressure from the media? They had it all along, they just proved it!

It’s also part of an ongoing trend extending from the 2008 election by the media to refuse to critically examine Obama’s past. Every mote of controversy was hushed up, and I think part of what spurred on the birther movement was a general frustration that no one really knows what makes this guy tick. We still don’t.

At least this time around Americans have a record to look at – they can see what Obama has done as president. And if we can find a candidate with some gumption and conviction (all too often they have either one or the other), who can effectively communicate first principles, Obama’s cult of personality facade will crumble like a house of cards.


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