Perspicacity and portals

I’m now a week into summer, grades are in (all A’s and B’s!), and there are cartoons to be drawn!

I didn’t make a post on Friday because I had another cartoon censored. This one had to do with the assassination of Osama bin Laden and the appropriateness of celebrating his death. I’m not publishing it on the blog yet because there is still a possibility that it will run in the IDS, and I want the blog post to coincide with the day it runs in the paper. One way or another, you’ll see it on the blog.

My first cartoon (Monday’s) has to do with the general feeling of annoyance that I get whenever I see anyone trying to raise “awareness” for something. Now, some attempts at “awareness” make sense: if it’s some kind of obscure disease that no one knows about, okay. But other things most people are aware of – especially the environment. You can’t go anywhere without someone or something trying to shove “go green” down your throat these days. In general, I think “awareness” movements are kind of dumb. Just because people know (or think) something is a problem doesn’t mean they’re going to do something about it. Give people a way to do something about it NOW or they’re going to blow it off. Make your pitch, and if I like your cause, I’ll put a dollar in your bucket. If you’re going to insult me by claiming I’m not aware of a cause that’s publicly championed 24/7, I’m going to ignore you.

That, and the fact that I think for the most part the environmental movement is a sham to begin with.

Today’s cartoon is an embodiment of my personal frustration at not being able to play Portal 2. So far, I’ve had to jump through the following hoops to play it:  1) Buy a portable hard drive so I have enough space to download the game without deleting all of my cartoons and videos 2) Find out that my operating system isn’t new enough to support the game, forcing me to download the latest software 3) Find out the latest software can’t be installed without buying the latest OS upgrade (10.6), which I’m currently awaiting to arrive by mail.

Very frustrating. I hear the game is worth it though, and since these were all updates that I was going to have to make eventually, I guess I don’t mind too much. My frustration mainly comes from the fact that I want to play the game NOW, and can’t. The wait will make it all the more sweeter when I finally get to!


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