Tedium and time travel

This cartoon was a collaborative effort between me and my girlfriend. What Ralph says in the second panel I had come up with as a joke weeks ago, but it was Lisa who helped me figure out how to work it into a Ralph and Chuck cartoon.

It’s a lot harder to come up with cartoon ideas in the summer than during the school year. I’ve found that my brain doesn’t work nearly as fast when it isn’t in “academic mode.” This one was a struggle, and I know that would have come up with something more quickly had I been doing schoolwork instead of relaxing at home. Throw in my job as a camp counselor, and it’s even harder to do any real thinking. Most of my free time is spent recuperating rather than reading or making my rounds of my favorite blogs. I don’t have the energy!

A big part of me is looking forward to going back to school. I love having a break from the grind, but if the break’s too long I just get bored.


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