They tried to make me go and resign, but I said no, no, no

I didn’t intend to make another Weiner cartoon, but a lot more has happened since my last one.

First of all, Andrew Breitbart is my hero. I was giddy watching him take the podium at Weiner’s press conference and tell off the media.

“Everything that I’ve said so far has come to be true. I’d like to hear one – the media says, Breitbart lies, Breitbart lies, Breitbart lies, Breitbart lies. Give me one example of a provable lie. One. One. Journalists? One. Put your reputation on the the line here. One provable lie.”

Absolutely fantastic.

Also, the fact that Weiner isn’t resigning astounds me. That takes a lot of gall. This isn’t some celebrity checking into rehab and apologizing to fans – this is a public servant, a congressman, who has shown a serious lack of judgment, character, and responsibility. His behavior compromises the public trust his constituents placed in him. The point I made in my cartoon isn’t just to be funny. It’s a real problem when a politician can do something like this, attempt to stay in office, and is actually defended by so many. It really does speak to where we are as a society in terms of our relationship with government.

Things need to change.


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