It must be summer

Post title comes from this song:

I’ve been pretty absentminded about making sure I write blog posts this summer. Part of that comes from not being constantly online (I’m purposefully lessening my time online this summer), another part comes from working eight hours a day (yay, paychecks!), and another part comes from the difficulty I’ve had coming up with cartoon ideas when I’m not in “academic mode.” Throw in a little laziness and that about sums it up.

Here are the three cartoons that I’ve drawn and submitted since my last post. The Boy Meets World cartoon falls a little flat because it’s so wordy, but I’m pretty proud of the other two. I particularly had fun drawing the flying pigs. Steven Pastis is a smart guy: He gets to draw animals every day.  I love to draw animals, and I think I might try to draw them in the strip more when opportunities arise. So long as they aren’t forced in –  this isn’t about to become “Ralph and Chuck with Animals”.


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