Candle crashers

This cartoon has been in my idea notebook for a while. I’ve always thought candlelight vigils were kind of silly, and I thought it would be funny if Ralph and Chuck were to crash one.

Candlelight vigils for the most part seem to be attended by those who are pretty removed from the problem the vigil is addressing, usually a bunch of sanctimonious young people crying about someone they didn’t know or something they have no real experience with. And if there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s sanctimony.

It doesn’t help anyone, and it’s annoying. It usually doesn’t do much to support whatever cause one is pretending to be high-minded about, either.

If there’s a problem you want solved, either roll up your sleeves or drop some of your own cash in the tin. Don’t preach anything unless you have some skin in the game.

(Incidentally, for everyone who thinks that the US needs to raise taxes, click here)




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