Principles and pragmatism

Incoherence has been the Democratic Party’s MO for a while now. Arguments are based on whatever sounds good at the time, and are free to change and contradict previous arguments as long as they promote the party and Dear Leader.

Not that Republicans can’t be equally guilty – when it comes to political parties, political pragmatism beats out principles more often than not. Republicans cave and then Democrats point and laugh at their hypocrisy. Yet the belief that a “moderate” approach will help Republicans win persists in spite of all the evidence.

Part of what the conservative movement is about is trying to get our politicians to realize that pragmatism and principle aren’t always mutually exclusive. When you operate with a focus on principle, you’re 1) less likely to make mistakes, and are 2) actually doing the right thing (what a concept!). Republicans wouldn’t have to buckle so much if they would actually bother to communicate their positions properly.

Despite their narratives unraveling in the past few months, one thing I’ve always admired about the Democratic Party is their tenacity and ability to stay on message. Of course it helps when the media is on your side, but Republicans need to learn a thing or two. I don’t want another McCain running in 2012.


4 thoughts on “Principles and pragmatism

  1. Amazing. I could (and might) make the exact same message, simply with the sides reversed. Seriously. I think the GOP and their conservative base have values that result in hideous end results, but dangit, they certainly seem like they know what they’re doing, something I wish I could see out of politicians who share my viewpoints.

    I believe the democrats are at least marginally closer to “operating on principle” as opposed to whoring themselves out to the richest/most powerful bidder, but I’m constantly disappointed with their inability to commit to principle.

    • Amazing. Yes Paul, I know that you are a liberal and have a completely different view of the world than me. We’ve hashed out those differences many times before now, in fact.

      However, I generally tend to operate from the point of view that my political principles are the right principles, and if self-proclaimed conservative politicians feel the need to opine in the same way, I think that they should act accordingly, too.

      Just because a Democratic politician may whore himself out to different interests doesn’t make him any less of a whore. Of course you feel that they are closer to “operating on principle,” because you’re a liberal.

  2. and of course, the “media is on your side” certainly helps when FOXNews controls, what, 60% of the market? You guys are the new mainstream media, man.

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