Studying and SOBs

The semester is in full swing, and I just finished my first bout with homework. My reading schedule was thrown off by Labor Day weekend, but I got through this week (I don’t have Friday classes!) and I’ll have time to catch up, mellow out and watch some football! Although granted, it won’t be as much fun without #18. 😦

The first cartoon in this post was published on Tuesday, to “celebrate” the beginning of this semester’s studying. It’s also the last cartoon I’ve drawn that has a My Little Pony character in it. Twilight Sparkle rounds off the mane six, and while I plan on having more pony in the future, I’m not going to force them in. Ralph and Chuck is still Ralph and Chuck, not Ralph and Chuck Plus Ponies. I’ll draw more pony when it’s appropriate.

The second cartoon is meant to illustrate once again the hypocrisy of the media when dealing with conservatives and liberals. When Gabby Giffords was shot, the media tried their hardest to link the shooting to Sarah Palin by pointing to an ad she had put out a year before showing districts to “target” during the 2010 election cycle. Never mind that the shooter had been stalking Giffords since 2007. Palin’s “violent rhetoric” inspired sanctimony by Obama, liberals and the media to attack the alleged vitriol in the national dialogue by conservatives and the Tea Party (because of course we all know that no angry rhetoric comes from the left at all).

Now, we have a union leader by the name of Jimmy Hoffa Jr. telling his “army” of union workers to “take out the sons of bitches” in the Tea Party at an Obama rally, and the media have said nothing. Leftist organizations like Media Matters rushed to his defense (Hoffa then said “I’d say it again.” Whoops, Media Matters!). To top it off, the day after a union leader told union member to “take out the sons of bitches,” unionized longshoreman invaded a port and took hostages. This after Obama criticized Republican “hostage takers” during the debt ceiling debate! You would think that the media, who connected any strings that they could from the Giffords shooting to Sarah Palin and conservatives, would find union violence the day after Hoffa’s remarks to be newsworthy, right?

I guess it doesn’t fit the narrative. And this isn’t the only violent rhetoric coming from the left the media have ignored, either. Biden called us “barbarians” and “terrorists.” Andre Carson said we want to “lynch African Americans.” Maxine Waters told us that we can “go straight to hell (and that she’ll help us get there!) But the Tea Partiers are supposed to be the violent ones.

What a load of crap.


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