I apologize to those who read this cartoon in the IDS; the writing in the cartoon was too small to read.

I wanted to make the writing white in order to resemble the way a push notification looks on an iPhone. While it looks pretty good in digital form, and it probably would look good if I were to print it out as well, I didn’t anticipate what it would look like in newsprint. It’s still possible to tell what it says, but it’s difficult. Again, that shouldn’t happen and I apologize.

I guess the silver lining of Peyton Manning being unable to play is that I’ll finally get to prove that I’m not a bandwagon fan. It’s a small consolation, though – I would much rather be playing the Super Bowl in our own stadium.

But hey, we could still get there. Kerry Collins could start lighting it up, our run game could finally get going this year, and we could last long enough to get Peyton healthy and win a spot in the playoffs. We could still be Super Bowl bound!

Look at what I’m doing to myself! I’m a fan, all right, no doubt about that.


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