If you look at comics, 99% percent of the time the lettering will be in all caps. I don’t know why this is, it’s just something that has always been this way. During high school, our newspaper was once critiqued in order for us to improve. One of the criticisms that was made was that the lettering in my comics should be written in lowercase, because it’s easier to read.

I remember thinking “That’s dumb. Has this guy ever read Peanuts? Charles Shulz wrote in all caps and it didn’t hurt him.” Since then I’ve learned that it has actually been tested and proven that lowercase is easier to read, but I’ve still stuck with all uppercase. Why?

I guess it’s because that even if lowercase is technically easier to read, uppercase is more aesthetically pleasing. This only really applies to writing done by hand – after all, we all know HOW ABRASIVE ALL UPPERCASE IN TYPE CAN BE. And it’s just my style. Lowercase might work for other cartoons, but for Ralph and Chuck it just makes more sense to use uppercase.

I dunno, it’s just something I’ve noticed after drawing comics for so long, and I like that I can make the observation in the comics themselves!


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