Its Herman Cain [sic]

I want to apologize now for my incorrect use of an apostrophe in the word “its.” While making this cartoon, I was debating whether to use the phrase “since its beginning” and “since the beginning.” Originally I said “its beginning,” but while drawing changed it to “the beginning,” and while inking decided to change it back to “its beginning,” and during all these changes I forgot to check and make sure that I was using the proper form of “its” the second time around.

Some people might not think that it’s (ha ha) not that big of a deal, but to me it is, and I was horrified when I opened the paper to see that I had made such a careless mistake. Just know that that doesn’t happen very often. It’s especially irritating because I was very proud of this cartoon, and to have it marred by something so easy to fix is extra frustrating.

Otherwise, I’m very proud of the cartoon! It comes on the heels of this video in which several members of the Congressional Black Caucus (an organization whose membership is determined by the color of one’s skin, by the way) calls the Tea Party racist and men like Herman Cain “oreos.”

But you know one of the reasons I like Herman Cain so much? Take a look:

Until further notice, Herman Cain is my candidate for 2012. Not only does he smash the “Tea Party is racist” meme upside the head, but he’s extraordinarily likable, extremely successful as a self-made businessman, and able to articulate the conservative message better than any candidate in the field right now. He gets it.


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