Steve and Sarah

When I heard Sarah Palin announce on the Mark Levin Show that she wasn’t running for president, I thought to myself “Well, it looks like Friday’s cartoon topic has been chosen for me.” I was right, but not in the way I thought: shortly afterword, the news that Steve Jobs had passed away was issued.

It goes to show how great of a man Steve Jobs was that his death eclipsed news that people had been waiting on literally for years. His death would have eclipsed it even if Palin had announced she was running for president. That’s the kind of impact Jobs had.

I’ve become more aware of all of the Apple products surrounding me in the last week. I know that I will eventually stop associating Macs and iPods with the death of Jobs, and that eventually I’ll stop thinking about his death altogether. But his impact will still be here even if he is forgotten. He changed the world, and it started in the back of his garage. If that doesn’t exemplify the American spirit, I don’t know what does.

For the cartoon, I focused on how people tend to customize their Macbooks to reflect their personality. I thought it would be a fun way to pay tribute while expressing the personalities of my characters. Ralph has some campaign stickers, Chuck has My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic stickers, Libby has environmentally conscious messages, etc. It was fun to draw.

The Jobs cartoon was run on Friday; the cartoon on Palin ran today. I had trouble coming up with a comic on the topic, because I didn’t see much levity there. I was legitimately disappointed! But I reminded myself that even if Palin isn’t running in this election, she’ll still be around. She’ll play a role much like she did in the 2010 elections, fundraising for, speaking for, and endorsing candidates that support the conservative cause. And just because she isn’t running now doesn’t mean she can’t run in the future! I made Chuck change the sign to 2020 with the assumption that the Republican nominee will serve two terms.

And I’m officially on the Cain Train now!



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