Imagine that the incident taking place in this photograph happens at a Tea Party rally:

You can’t tell me that it wouldn’t be national news.

Dana Loesch of Big Journalism says it better than I could.

You know what Tea Parties are like? They open with the Pledge of Allegiance or the National Anthem. There might be a prayer. There are speakers and musical guests. The ones I’ve been to have had tables where you can buy buttons and literature. We pick up our trash.

I am tired of hearing that Tea Partiers are unhinged or uncivil. The people that go to Tea Party rallies are the nicest you can meet, and I’m speaking from experience.

They don’t take shits on public property.

Ask yourself why you keep hearing that the Tea Partiers are supposed to be the uncivil ones while Occupy Wall Street is “what democracy looks like.”


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