Disney’s Hamlet

My mother and I had a similar experience when we went to see the Lion King in 3D.

The thing is, I don’t mind noisy kids all that much. Kids are noisy, and kids will be kids. I think most people understand that and don’t begrudge it. What’s truly annoying are when kids are noisy and the parents do nothing to try to quiet the child down.

Parental admonishment when we are young is how we learn. A child doesn’t get that they’re supposed to be quiet and polite in certain social situations. That’s why it’s the job of the parent to teach them. I wouldn’t have minded the noise nearly as much if it had been accompanied by a gentle “Sh!” It at least it shows that the parent is conveying to the child that the behavior is wrong.

Maybe I’ll be a bit more sympathetic when I actually have kids someday, but I don’t think this particular opinion will change.


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