Malcontents, merchandise and big news for Ralph and Chuck

I’m going to open up with the news first: Ralph and Chuck is going national!

I entered a comics contest for MCT (McClatchy Tribune) Campus – and I won! Ralph and Chuck is now going to be published weekly in about 100 college newspapers for a whole year, starting in January. Needless to say, I’m very excited.

I don’t know how many cartoonists entered, because the pool is pretty narrow (college students with comics, and of those the ones that heard and entered the contest), but it’s still a national competition, and they picked me!

I don’t get paid for the first year (implying there might be more years? Woo hoo!), but this is a big deal in terms of making Ralph and Chuck marketable. If I try to get Ralph and Chuck published in the future, it will definitely help to say I’ve already been syndicated.

Now, on to cartoons! Monday’s comic is based off of videos like these:

Come on, why do you have to repeat everything you hear? It’s annoying (but funny)! I want to be the guy with the megaphone just to see what I could get the crowd to say. Not allowing John Lewis to speak is hilarious. I shared this video on my Facebook and Twitter awhile ago as the one must-see video related to the Occupy Whatever protests, and nothing since has managed to take its place in my book.

Megaphones and twinkle fingers aside, Wednesday’s cartoon is about an annual frustration shared by many. It seems like every year I’m saying “I can’t believe the Christmas merchandise is out. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!” Now I get to say “I can’t believe the Christmas merchandise is out. It’s not even Halloween yet!”

I guess if the stores are putting it out that early, it means people are willing to buy it that early. For the lower prices, I don’t blame them. Christmas really is the mother of all holidays. But still, it’s kind of annoying. Seriously, before Halloween!?



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