Halloween 2011

And here’s this year’s batch of costumes!

This cartoon was supposed to be run on Friday, to be close to Halloween. We bumped it up because we thought today’s IDS was in color. Well, it’s not in color. Go figure. Just goes to show I shouldn’t make announcements on the blog unless I’m sure something’s going to happen, or it’s already happened!

At any rate, you get to see costumes early this year! Ralph is Link from the Legend of Zelda (the newest game, Skyward Sword, comes out November 20), Chuck is Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Lily is a scarecrow, and Sarah is a sexy nurse.

I kept the background simple this time around – I don’t need to show them standing outside to illustrate that they’re going to a party. I ran into trouble last year when the background was too dark and the costumes didn’t show up well. The costumes are what’s important here, not the background. I’m only going to draw backgrounds from now on when they’re relevant to the joke, like in the last comic. I needed to show Lily and Sarah in a costume shop to really convey that they were there choosing costumes.

I’ll be shopping for a costume this afternoon, barring any unforeseen circumstances. I still have no idea what I’m going to be!


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