Haunted houses and double standards

Friday’s cartoon is just a goofy look at Ralph and Chuck going through a haunted house. I really wish I could have gone to a haunted house event this year. It’s been forever since I’ve been to one! It’s harder to really get into the spirit of Halloween while at college, especially during the busy month of October. I just don’t have time to do many of the fun things that I did in high school.

I don’t know if any haunted houses actually sell photos, but they could probably make a killing off of them.

Today’s cartoon is about another double standard committed by the national media. The sexual assault claims at these “occupy” events are part of a long list of offenses committed by the malcontents at these protests. One incident even took place here in Bloomington!

If you take the time to scroll through the list, ask yourself a simple question: “What if this had happened at a Tea Party rally?” The double standards of the media are sickening, with Herman Cain being the latest victim. They’re trying to do to Herman Cain what they did to Clarence Thomas, and what they’re currently trying to do to Marco Rubio.

I don’t think it’s crazy to think that the liberal media goes after these people the way they do because of their minority status.

More specifically, the media goes after them because they’re minorities and conservatives. Liberals have to keep the meme alive that conservatives and Republicans are racist and sexist, because it’s how they pull in a great deal of their votes. When strong conservatives that happen to be minorities come into the national spotlight, they face more vicious attacks than they would if they weren’t minorities. You can also see this in the way conservative women are targeted.

I don’t want a media that dismisses or dwells on stories depending on which side of the political spectrum the stories affect, all while claiming to be objective. I want a media that covers stories with some consistency, or that at least is honest about where it’s coming from.



One thought on “Haunted houses and double standards

  1. For some reason, your haunted house comic reminds me of Ron Swanson of “Parks and Recreation.” I don’t know why, it just does. Also, Dorney Park is near me, so it’s “Hallow-haunt-fest” thing is only scary the first time you go to it. There is a thick fog area with Dorney workers sneaking up on people and smashing cymbals and/or chainsaw blades to scare people. Or just shouting “Boo!” Or yelling. Or brandishing a cool looking faux stone scythe or other sadistic-lookin’ weapon.

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