Money and Maroon 5

Perhaps I shouldn’t be saying things like this as an employee of RPS, but the whole IU Energy Challenge has always seemed like a racket to me. We are encouraged to make an effort that in any other context would probably be rewarded with reduced fees or some other perk, but instead we are told that we should be satisfied for the alleged philanthropy.

I’m not going to cut back on my precious shower time unless you give me something for it, and I wanted Friday’s cartoon to reflect that.

I intended today’s cartoon to be a knock on Maroon 5 (who I can’t stand listening to and who was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this past Saturday), but some people I spoke to today about the cartoon thought I was knocking SNL as well.

I’m okay with this.


3 thoughts on “Money and Maroon 5

  1. I actually watched that episode as I got hit with a fever. Adam Levine is actually a pretty good singer. “This Love” is amazing, but so is the song he did with The Lonely Island, “Iran So Far,” a love song directed towards Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from the perspective of Andy Samberg. In short, absolute hilarity ensues.

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