A variety of visuals

Sorry for the long delay in posts! Things got a little hectic the week before Thanksgiving break and the blog fell by the wayside a bit. I’ll try not to let that happen leading up to finals, but no promises.

I’m really pleased with how the last three comics turned out. All three of them are visual jokes, which I didn’t really plan. Usually I draw the comics that are primarily visual every once and a while, but these happened to be back to back.

The first two are based on real experiences of mine. I had technology issues that still hasn’t been resolved (although it’s nothing urgent) and while I didn’t lose an umbrella, I had a similar experience while posting fliers for a program at Willkie.

The third came from me wanting to draw Ralph and Chuck lugging a big Christmas tree up the stairs.

I love these kinds of cartoons because I get to really do what I love: drawing. Many other comics I’ve done have been funny, and I’m certainly proud of them, but they can be tedious to draw and not always fun to look at in and of themselves. I like to stretch my right brain a little every once and a while, and it’s much more of a challenge to elicit a chuckle from a drawing than it is from words.


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