Staying current

*UPDATE* As if to mock me, I just received news that SOPA and PIPA are in fact being put on hold. This means I probably won’t send this cartoon off to syndication, making my fears realized.

Oh well. I guess I’ll have to recycle another old one!


Seriously, why are we still talking about them?

Making this cartoon was a bit of a risk in terms of my syndicated readers. It’s no issue for the IDS, as this comic is being published in there today.But it’s very possible no one will be talking about SOPA on Thursday, which is when they’ll be reading this.

Having to turn in a full week of cartoons every Tuesday is something new for me. Up until now, I just had to finish a cartoon by 5 pm the day before I wanted it to run. I could be very flexible about making comics to reflect current events. Now, I was planning on still following that strategy while sending the three cartoons I made for the IDS during the week off to be syndicated for the next week. But that obviously is going to cause some problems – no one wants to read a comic strip about the Super Bowl a week after the Super Bowl.

I’ll have to figure that out as big events come up, but ultimately that means potential jokes are going to fall by the wayside. I don’t have time (or enough comic ideas!) to work on cartoons on very current events to publish in the IDS that would make no sense to publish in syndication. Which is kind of a bummer.


3 thoughts on “Staying current

  1. You can salvage the strip by changing the dialogue in the last panel.

    Have the question read:
    “So why are media companies still pushing them?”

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