The process

Meant to post this yesterday!

Last weekend we had a really foggy day on the IU campus, and looking outside it really did look like a scene from the movie. And that lead to the train of thought you see in the cartoon.

This is how most of my ideas come to me, and I love it and resent the process at the same time. I wish I could just sit down and say “Okay, time to come up with some comic ideas!” and then just write a bunch down.

It doesn’t work that way. Usually they just pop into my head or come from something I observe around me, and any actual “writing” I do consists of translating that funny idea into dialogue and action in the panels. It feels sometimes like I’m hardly doing any work at all, and I can just enjoy drawing – hence the “love” part of the process. But it doesn’t seem like this happens often enough, and I’ve had to delay strips or just not get them done in the past because I simply don’t have any ideas. And that’s where the resentment comes in.

That’s why you have to really respect the guys who can come up with new content day in and day out for years on end. It may be fun to make fun of the cliches and the duds (I do just as much as anyone!) that pop up, but the process is hard. And I’ll always admit it’s hard!


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