The man your man wants to smell like

The burning questions that keep us up at night.

My girlfriend’s not a big fan of Old Spice, at least not the classic scent. And please allow me to don my hipster glasses for a moment (and I do have awesome hipster glasses, by the way) and say that I’ve used Old Spice long before Isaiah Mustafa made it cool. I thought it was awesome that my grandpa used it, and I used it all through high school!

I got a set of the “Pure Sport” Old Spice products for Christmas, and apparently Lisa likes that. I think it’s okay, but not as good as Classic. So now I’m torn between the smell my girlfriend likes and the smell that I like. That’s a quandary that keeps me up at night as well (not really). I compromise a little by using the Pure Sport deodorant and body wash, but I still stick to the Classic aftershave, because it’s what I like the most and I have to smell it for far longer periods than her. šŸ™‚


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