A passel of unpunctual politics

I’ve been really lax about posting my comics lately! So here’s three-fer.

Looking back, Ralph and Chuck had a pretty political week. The first one is actually taken from a joke made by a friend, which has been copied here almost word for word here.

The big topic right now is contraception, specifically the portion of the health care law that forces private institutions to provide it for free. That’s what the next two comics cover.

It’s easy to get distracted by all the sex, but this contraception debate isn’t even about contraception itself. While this may be a difficult idea to convey in a comic strip, it’s really about whether the government has the authority under the constitution to force individuals to enter into private contracts under which the government sets the terms. I’d be as passionate about this issue whether it was over contraception or whether it was over bananas.

Aside from constitutionality, I hope I got across that the law is asinine and is clearly meant as a distraction. Access to birth control was never an issue until this administration made it an issue, and now we’re talking about this idiocy instead of how the country’s in the crapper. I can’t wait till I get to vote in November.


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