Death of a warrior, and the continuation of what he fought

I haven’t been drawing a whole lot because I’ve been pretty sick. Lot’s of coughing, a sore throat, and headaches. Not a whole lot of fun. The squirrel cartoon that ran last Monday was actually meant for the previous Friday (I forgot to email it after I drew it), so I’ve really only drawn one cartoon in the last two weeks, and that was because it was a comic I was really compelled to draw. I posted it on Facebook and Twitter, but this is my first time really sitting down to write about it.

Andrew Breitbart was and is a personal hero of mine. I love his sites and the people he had working for him, and he was an invaluable voice for using new media to expose the left and to further the conservative movement. He’s irreplaceable, but he’s inspired many to follow in his footsteps and his impact will be felt far beyond the too few years we had to know him. It’s hard knowing he’s not out there fighting the good fight, and Twitter won’t be the same without his constant retweets of leftist hate. I may not have known him, but I’m sure as hell going to miss him. So long, Andrew.

I got a quite a lot of drawing done yesterday, but I still ended up doing today’s comic at the last minute because I was sick of the hypocrisy I was reading and I wanted to get this comic out quickly, not just in the IDS but in syndication as well (I submit a week’s worth of comics for syndication on Tuesdays). I actually did the same thing today because of the news on Peyton Manning, so look forward to my tribute tomorrow!

I certainly don’t agree with Limbaugh’s word choice, but the hypocrisy and selective memory running rampant in the media is astounding. Limbaugh was relatively tame compared to much of what’s out there. For Obama to publicly denounce Rush while rudely avoiding questions on how he can accept million-dollar donations from people like unapologetic Bill Maher (who has said much worse than Limbaugh in terms of sexist slurs) is the height of hypocrisy and “playing politics” that Obama so often claims to be above.

And again, while I don’t agree with the choice of words, I’ll add that I do agree with Rush Limbaugh’s general sentiment. Sandra Fluke was a woman who knew exactly what the health insurance policy was, then chose to attend that school specifically because she didn’t like it, and now, acting with deliberate misrepresentation, is siding with the people who want to force the school to change what they choose provide due to concerns of conscience through legislative fiat. That’s despicable to me, and I sure wish there was a convenient word that carried a similar weight of contempt as “slut” that I could use in this situation. But that’s just me.

For the most part I’ve recovered, and I would be back on a regular schedule but for the fact that Spring Break is next week! Expect a new comic tomorrow and Friday, and then I’ll start back up again on Monday, March 19.


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