Spring has sprung

I’ve noticed that I’ve been drawing a lot of cartoons having to do with weather lately (including tomorrow’s!), but I really can’t help it. I love that it’s warm again. It’s that great time of year where it’s warm enough to not have to bundle up, but not quite so hot that you’re sweating a ton or getting eaten alive by insects.

Of course Indiana still has bizarre weather from time to time (comic 1), but for the most part it’s been very nice, and I’ve enjoyed being able to keep my window open in the dorm room (comic 2).

I’ve had trouble coming up with comic ideas lately, which is why my updates have been so sporadic and late in the week. I’ve finished my comics for the week, so hopefully I can think of more ideas over the weekend and get back to a consistent schedule, like I was able to do early in the year.


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