A week’s worth of wackiness

Because I had only two comics drawn last week, I decided to shoot for four this week. Because I wasn’t able to get a comic in on time Sunday (coming back from Easter), that meant drawing comics fro Tuesday through Friday, four days in a row. Each one was done pretty much last-minute (coming up with ideas is harder than you might think), but I’m very pleased with the final results!

The image of Jack and Rose singing “I’m on a boat” just popped into my head as something that would be silly and fun to draw, so I worked backwards from there to come up with a setup to the image.

Wednesday’s comic was also from a random bout of inspiration as I was walking to my 2:30 class, behind a smoker. I had been reading Tolkien earlier that day, so I suppose it was fresh in my mind. I drew it in class and then rushed home to finish it by inking and coloring.

The pacing of Thursday’s comic was something that I had wanted to try for a while, but never found a subject that seemed to fit (the idea that I played with the longest was two characters disagreeing between dogs or cats). It just clicked that the classic “best pony” argument would work perfectly. I hope it’s still funny to non-bronies; I think the essence of the joke, that the characters think they’re in total agreement until they actually share their opinion, is still intact even if one is not familiar with the fanbase.

The final comic was something I desperately pulled out of my little list of ideas I jot down (most of which are absolutely terrible) as time was running out to turn in a comic yesterday. This one felt not-so-terrible. I had seen that quote on the internet a while back and had had Chuck’s response. While not one of my best comics, it works!

Apologies for the mega-post. The end of the semester is nigh and I’m getting all my ducks in a row. But even if blog posts are intermittent, the Ralph and Chuck fun won’t stop!


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