Summer schedule

I’ve noticed that my overall computer usage drops precipitously once summer begins. As a result, I don’t keep up with all of my usual haunts on the internet during the summer, including this blog. When one isn’t constantly on the computer doing things, it’s easy to forget!

Here are all of the Ralph and Chuck comics I have completed since finals began and school ended. My goal over the summer will be two comics a week (as opposed to the usual three). Both the IDS and my syndication are on reduced schedules (as is expected with college newspapers over the summer), which is fortunate because I’ve noticed that my creative juices tend to dry up a bit over the summer as well. When the brain isn’t constantly working, or when I’m just not doing as much, comic ideas and the inspiration for them aren’t as readily available, and it becomes a struggle to draw them consistently. The best ideas tend to come naturally rather than as the result of a great deal of thinking.

I’m hoping to challenge myself this summer to complete the two-a-week schedule. Even with the reduced workload, for all the reasons mentioned summer comics are more demanding, and it will be fun to see if I can manage it! And if I can manage to update the blog consistently as well.


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