Fantastic flight of fancy

Incidentally, I’ve begun writing a book. I’ll only share the process with a select few, since it’s a pretty indulgent little project and I expect it to take me a very long time to write. I hope to share it some day, since stories are meant to be shared, but right now I’m writing it because it’s fun for me! What I will reveal is the genre: fantasy.

I’m not doing this because I think I’m a good writer, but rather because I think I have a good idea. At least, I find it compelling, and would like to see if I can make it come across on paper. I’m trying to write pieces at a time because otherwise it seems pretty daunting, and my tepid confidence in my own prose makes the road seem even steeper.

For my idea to work it will have to come across on an emotional level, and I would find it hard to explain exactly what it is that I’m trying to accomplish to someone right now. If I can’t articulate it in words, then perhaps I shouldn’t even be writing it. I feel a lot like Chuck, minus the naiveté!


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