Inebriation and inanity

You get two comics today, because I was struggling for ideas last Wednesday!

The first seems like a conversation my girlfriend and I would have, but it was actually with my mother before we left for an evening with a group of family friend’s. One of them brews beer, and his had won some awards! While I certainly became inebriated, I don’t think I embarrassed anyone.

The second is something I stole directly from the internet. I don’t have a real source because it was just something being shared around. I just modified it to make it an exchange between Ralph and Libby. I’ve always thought this argument for haranguing the rich and successful was stupid, but I’ve never heard it refuted so succinctly.

All law-abiding citizens pay taxes and have access to government services. Including those that have become rich. To argue that the rich have some extra debt owed to the government in particular is inane and stupid. Government is not unique to rich people, it’s available for everyone. There might be a million unique factors relating to each rich person’s individual success, but government should not be one of them, because government is universal. Your debt has been paid by the taxes you have already paid, at the same rates everyone else is subject to. You might have other reasons for wanting to tax the rich at a progressively higher rate, but this isn’t a good one in the slightest.


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