I’m Batman.

I’ve always thought Batman was one of the silliest superheroes. I mean seriously, it’s a guy dressed up like a giant bat.

That’s part of what makes the current trilogy so impressive. Batman’s a badass. I’m sure the training he was given by Liam Neeson helped, but it’s easy to forget the days of Bat Shark Repellent.

I wanted to play up the silliness before the movie came out, and this comic was the result! I loved Batman’s ability to just disappear in the middle of a conversation. It’s been parodied in a few places, with South Park being my favorite (“I’m over here now”), but I wanted to put a comic strip spin on it. A little fourth wall breaking goes a long way if done right.


3 thoughts on “I’m Batman.

  1. If you have not already, make sure to see Batman: The Animated Series (started in 1992). It arguably does the best job of mixing some of the classic Batman elements and characters, while still putting a new spin on it and not being cheesy (even with an episode that has Adam West playing as a main character).

    • Is it the same animated series that plays on the Hub? Cause a marathon starts at 4 today, they just advertised it on their Facebook page.

      • Yeah its the same. I have to be a my job then, so I can’t watch it, but I can highly recommend the Two-Face two parter. The others aren’t bad, but that one is the best in this marathon IMO. Also, the marathon starts at 4 eastern time, I think you are in central time (but I could be mistaken). Two-Face starts at 4 central time though.

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