One Week

Wow, did I get behind or what?

Not really… the comics were getting drawn! I just wasn’t updating the blog like I should have. I blame it on getting used to my new classes (and traveling to and from home every weekend, it seems). But I am back and in the swing of things, even if it hasn’t looked like it the last week. Without further ado, I’ll offer my commentary on all of these comics:

The first comic (Monday’s) is how I feel whenever Lisa asks me to dance. I’m sure I wouldn’t be as horrible as whatever crime against humanity Ralph seems to have committed, but I know that I suck at dancing. And part of that comes from not enjoying dancing. I just don’t. And it’s hard to have fun when you’re very much not having fun, especially when you look like an idiot at the same time.

The second comic (Wednesdays) reflects my feelings on the whole Akin fiasco, at least as far as the media and double standards are concerned (for other thoughts I might have, this guy sums them up nicely!). Democrats get away with murder while conservatives are asked to atone for the smallest of offenses, even after apologizing profusely. It is a double standard, and it makes me sick.

The third comic (Thursday’s) is a joke I pretty much stole from the internet (although the “busy”s are mine). But it summed up my feelings perfectly. If I was truly bound and determined to get to the gym and get in shape, I would. But I’m not, so I don’t.

The final comic (Friday’s) is pretty much exactly what happened in my first day of one of my classes. A political science class, no less. I wanted to laugh out loud. I was rushed when I drew it, or I might have stuck some Easter eggs in there (which is always fun to do with a large scene like this), and while it still looks good, I regret not making sure I had more time.

Look for me to (hopefully) be more timely with my blog posts, which will start with another post later today with today’s comic!


3 thoughts on “One Week

  1. My issue over Akin’s comment really has nothing to do with the “insensitivity” towards women. My big issue is that he is an unfortunate example of why we need good sexual education courses in schools. When there are groups promoting absence only programs, it worries me that those who don’t actually follow this will end up with ideas like Akin. (I personally don’t support pre-marital sex, but any way to actually stop it would be a huge invasion privacy.)

    Also, I’ve had personal experience with the last two comics as well.

    • I say we need truly COMPREHENSIVE sex ed. Don’t ignore contraception, but stress committed relationships as being the most healthy environment for sex, physically and emotionally. I don’t see why both sides can’t compromise on that point.

      • This response:
        This is incredibly reasonable and despite us having different political backgrounds I agree with it.

        This is a clear sign that the internet is malfunctioning…

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