Presidential debates, fourth wall-breaking, defenestration, and spider sympathy

Have some comics!

Last Friday’s comic is set in a bar, because I read an IDS story about people watching the first presidential debate in a bar. I thought it would be fun for the strip’s political buffs to watch it together. I was very pleased with Romney’s decisive victory. Since then, Democrats have blamed everything from the moderator to altitude, and all they can talk about is Big Bird. I’m looking forward to the trend continuing tonight when Paul Ryan wipes the floor with Joe Biden (although I’ll probably have to watch it after-the-fact tomorrow).

The next comic is just a bit of fourth wall-breaking silliness. I had been kicking the idea around in my head for a while, and pulled it out when I needed to get a quick comic done for Monday.

Wednesday’s comic comes from one of my professors, who expressed his wish to have an opportunity to use the word “defenestration” in regular conversation. This is how I imagined it taking place with Ralph and Chuck!

Today’s comic is pretty much the same exchange I had with my girlfriend a couple nights ago. I feel guilty enough for killing spiders, just for her, and then she has to go and feel sympathy for them afterwards. Women.


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