Big Bird and binders

Looking forward to tonight’s debate!


3 thoughts on “Big Bird and binders

  1. Defunding PBS (which will do almost nothing to the current deficit, and comes across as nothing more than a dick move) and the “binders of women” (which was a lie about “supporting women” that was so poorly phrased as to come across as sexist anyway) are strong arguments against Mitt Romney, and would take the revelation of the Wonder Twins being a pair of men to overshadow. A Good Cartoon.

    • Lol, if you think those are campaign-sinking issues, you need to have your priorities checked. America’s people care about the state of the economy, not the opposition making mountains out of molehills.

      “When you don’t have a record to run on, you make a big election about small things.” -Barack Obama

  2. The binders full of women bit was one of the dumbest “Memes” in the entire election. As for the Big Bird bit, I personally think that Mitt should have kept his mouth shut on it in general. However, considering the profits that Sesame Workshop makes due to merchandising, I would not be surprised if it would still be able to function even if PBS was defunded. The bigger issue for me was that was one of the most concrete things that he specially said he would cut, which is like trying to take the loose change out of your car to increase gas mileage.

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