My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Season 3 premiere

I meant to post this yesterday (obviously). I’m so excited! The Indiana University Bronies are having a premiere party to live stream the first episodes of Season 3. The long pony-less summer is over!


6 thoughts on “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Season 3 premiere

  1. Now for a fun comment to distract from that TL:DR mess….
    Ponies! Liking this season so far, though I felt Sombra having less screen time than those Gak commercials was kinda disappointing. Other than that, still really fun and enjoyable. Who knows, maybe that explosion was not the last we will see of him.

    • The horn did survive…

      I dunno, I felt Sombra really worked as a sort of ephemeral malevolent force. The episodes were really focused on Twilight and her development, and I think a personable villain like we’ve had in the past would have taken away from that.

      • Personally, I would rather him have much more dialogue, or none at all. Without dialogue, I think he could have been a bit creepier and more of an Eldritch abomination. More dialogue is also easy to make creepy and scary or, at the very least, know more about him. I don’t really like or dislike him, because I know almost nothing about him to make a decision on this (well, I dislike him because he’s evil and enslaved others, but I mean as a character/ evil force,).

        He could have had more screen time in general without having more personality. When Twilight sees what could have happened when she fails, they could have shown what happened to the rest of Equestria in this projected reality instead of just a glass pane. I think this would have had more of an impact and left a bigger impression about him. Also, I loved his design when he was just a shadowy creature with eyes, but when they showed him with an actual face, it didn’t work for me as well.

        However, these are just minor issues compared with being overall well liked. If I was in change, I would probably get the studio in trouble for giving kids nightmares, so maybe it for the best… I agree the episode was not about him, but about Twilight, I did notice his horn surviving. This combined with the regenerative abilities he was shown to have, I would not be surprised if he shows up at some point in the future.

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