Coughs, slacking, Twinkies, negotiation, and Quasimodo

Busy semester! I have been rocking it, though. I need to get back to LSAT studying, so I’ll make this brief:

The first comic is a situation I’m sure we’ve all been through at one point or another. Especially around this time of year, an illness is not welcome if you’re a student. The fear is very real.

This next comic is somewhat based on a true story. I’ve played next to no video games this semester (seriously, I’ve been pretty on-the-ball), but when I do procrastinate this is the usual pattern.

Obligatory comic on the Twinkie. I can’t help but being sad — I used to have a Twinkie with every lunch growing up. And those things really would keep forever.

This Ralph and Lily comic is definitely based on a true story. Usually this situation doesn’t happen since Lisa and I are almost always in agreement about what to watch.

This last comic is really just an excuse to draw Quasimodo in a “Fighting Irish” pose. I have to give credit to my dad for thinking of it. Tradition and history aside, Quasimodo really would be a much cooler mascot, in my opinion.


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