Diet & exercise, shifting blame, and curling up with a good book

seniorfifteenabsolutelyveryI’m back in Bloomington, and halfway through my second week of classes.

I’m only taking three classes this semester, and one isn’t until the second half of the semester. But I’m keeping myself busy with comics, law school applications, and the new Wii U I got for Christmas!

My first two classes are journalism courses I’m taking to fulfill the honors notation requirements on my degree. One is a travel course over spring break and the other is a capstone project where we help with the redesign of the school of journalism website. Even though I am only dealing with two classes right now, they’re keeping me very busy.

On to comics!

The first comic is about the diet and exercise I should be doing. My dad is a bit of a health nut, so I have a constant guilty feeling in the back of my head. But it’s difficult for me to go out and simply exercise – I need some sort of activity where an accelerated heart rate is a side benefit, not the primary goal. The problem is that I’m no good at sports. I need to find something relatively simple soon, because this metabolism won’t last forever.

The next comic is about something I’m definitely trying to avoid. Sleek new hardware is always alluring, and I’m going to have to exercise the self-control needed to still be productive.

On the final comic: Who doesn’t love a good book? Silly people, that’s who. I have a weird inability to read only one book at a time, so I’m really juggling five different books right now. It’s just hard for me to focus on one thing when I have so many other great books on the shelf.

Stay tuned for a very special blog post tomorrow!


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