I’m engaged!

proposal1proposal2proposal3I’m engaged, and couldn’t be happier.

Lisa has always told me that the last thing she wanted was to be proposed to via a sports stadium Jumbotron while thousands of people were watching. She wanted us to be alone when it happened.

Of course, I know she still appreciates the grand romantic gesture. She’s a girl, after all.

This ended up being the perfect compromise, which was also perfect for us. I’ve been drawing Ralph and Chuck since high school, and we met in high school. Plus, how many people can frame original copies of their proposal? How many girls can say they were proposed to through a comic strip?

I think I can allow myself a little pat on the back.

Honestly, I was afraid the idea was a little too cheesy, but everyone I mentioned it to thought it was a great idea, and if the responses I’ve received from Lisa and others after the fact are any indication, it was.

It also made sense to me to have Ralph and Lily, and Chuck and Sarah, get engaged right along with us. Although this of course begs the question of how they get married (I don’t think they can all do it on the same day!), that’s not something I have to worry about for a couple of years!


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