Cheapskates, the draft, and Mondays

symbol draft didntworkHave a new week of comics!

The first comic is an idea that stemmed from the third proposal comic from last week. Chuck got Sarah a ring so small that she needed a magnifying glass to see it. It was an extra bit of background humor, but it led to this idea. Chuck as a cheapskate is amusing to me.

For the record, I got Lisa an engagement ring with three stones:

ringI know that there is supposedly some rule that says the ring should cost 30 percent of a yearly salary (or something like that), but I just tried to get a good ring at a cost that didn’t seem ridiculous to me considering that I have next to zero income as a college student. I largely agree with Chuck’s sentiment in panel two. And let’s face it, if the woman loves you enough it won’t matter too much what goes on her finger. Lisa loves the ring and her family and friends say that it’s perfect for her, so I think I did a good enough job.

My problem right now actually isn’t that she isn’t happy with the ring, but that she’s unhappy she isn’t able to wear it right now. There will be a comic on that next week!

The second comic was in response to the news that women in the U.S. are now permitted to serve in front line combat positions. Yay equality and all that jazz. In my opinion it’s up to the armed forces to determine what works best for them, since they’re the ones with the bullets flying at them. I don’t like it when the military is used to make a political point on issues that deal with gender/sexuality, because those issues have some real implications in terms of things like group dynamics, lodging, combat proficiency, etc. If the military feels it’s ready for things like that, great.

The point I was making in the comic is that not all sides of the “equality” coin are being discussed. I don’t see women clamoring to be compelled to register for the draft. That’s why talk of “equality,” at least on this issue, just gets an eye roll from me.

The last comic is one I intended to do last week, but it works best on a Monday. Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated each week.


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