The color purple

houracceptanceeasterskymallpollinatingSince I’ve last updated, I have been to England and France during Spring Break and have been accepted to two law schools, one of which offered me a full tuition scholarship.

Life is good.

But with all good things come some extra stress. It’s expensive to travel overseas, even when your trip is heavily subsidized by your university. The place offering you full tuition is a full two and a half hours away by car from where your fiancée and the rest of your family is living. And debt and student loans are looming on the horizon (I’ll be touching on that tomorrow).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I haven’t been drawing much up until about this week. And after drawing so sparingly and posting up my comics, I realize just how often I use purple as a background color. Apologies!


4 thoughts on “The color purple

  1. Gah. I don’t want to sound elitist, but please hold out for higher ranked law schools. Indiana’s main campus law school would be acceptable. There are no jobs in this market. Even my classmates at #12 ranked Northwestern are having trouble finding work.

    And I understand the appeal of a full scholarship, as I took one here at Northwestern, but even with no tuition at Valpo, you’re spending three years outside of the job market in order to get a degree that “overqualifies” you for non-legal jobs and will also fail to get you any legal jobs. It’s in US News’s “Tier 4”, meaning the bottom 50 out of 200 accredited law schools. Even a top 30 law school is generally a bad idea in this horrible legal market. McKinney is ranked 98 and is barely better than Valpo.

    These aren’t “bad” schools in the sense that the professors or the education are bad. Both of those things will be good, I’m sure. But legal employers choose people in large part based on how hard their law schools are to get into. Even if you stay local, you’ll be competing with Indiana, Notre Dame, and law schools from neighboring states as well, for a very small number of jobs in in a state with a very small legal market.

    Anyway, please reconsider!

    • I appreciate your concern, but rankings to me are annoying and arbitrary. I want to go somewhere relatively near my family, including my fiancée in Indy, that will give me a good legal education without breaking the bank. That’s why the three schools I applied to were in-state (I was wait listed at Maurer). I understand the job market is tight, but short of waiting around for the chance of moving away from my family somewhere I don’t want to go, just for slightly better prospects in a field that’s already competitive to begin with, my choices are clear.

      Depending on my fiancée’s scholarship situation there’s a possibility we won’t even be living in this state for very long after I graduate, too.

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