potsandpansAs I wrestle with the issue of incoming debt by looking closely at graduate school choices and payment plans, others are taking a different approach. Specifically, the assumption that by making a lot of noise, somehow they can get some sort of a free lunch.

Things cost money. Sometimes you can’t pay for those things right away, so you take out a loan that you plan on paying back later. If you don’t think you can pay it back, then you don’t take it on. And whining about it doesn’t make debt go away. The laws of economics apply to all of us, and that includes Indiana University.

Simply demanding that tuition and fees be reduced won’t make it happen. Demanding that tuition and fees be reduced while shoving secretaries and stuffing flyers in purses won’t make it happen, either. What it does is expose immaturity and tells others that you’d rather throw a tantrum than actually consider realistic ways your issues can be dealt with. And sometimes the only way you can deal with them is by checking your own responsibility on an individual level. In fact, that’s supposed to be the first instinct of a mature adult.


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