goodbyegraduationiuYesterday I turned in the last assignment of my undergraduate career, and tomorrow after commencement I say goodbye to Bloomington as an IU student forever.

Normally I’m a pretty sentimental guy, but honestly I’m not feeling any sadness right now. I’ve loved my time at IU and I know I’ll have opportunities to visit. I’m not going to be very far away attending law school in Indianapolis.

I’m excited about the challenges and opportunities that life will put in front of me, and IU will always be a big part of helping me grow along the way. I look forward to future Little 500s and basketball games – this time watching as an alum! Go Hoosiers!

My “goodbye” comic has gone over well. Stick a few landmarks in your comic and everyone starts getting sentimental! It came to be just as a classic “avoiding schoolwork” comic, while Lisa and I were brainstorming for a penultimate comic.

The graduation comic is a deliberate homage to the comic I drew in high school:

graduationAlfred and Jimmy both make reappearances! The new comic is meant to serve the same purpose – Ralph and Chuck isn’t going anywhere. Sure, it might take them a while to find a new place to be published, and comics may be drawn more sporadically (I hear law school is no cakewalk) but Ralph and Chuck goes where I go, and I’ll never stop drawing!


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