Hundreds, Halloween, and humor

100dollarbill halloween2013 teachtolieEven drawing one comic a week has been difficult to accomplish, which may give you a good idea of how much work goes into law school. I’m gearing up for the last leg of the semester and getting ready to outline and review like crazy (not to mention my final writing assignment).

The first and third comics posted here are based on real conversations. I’m happy to say that for once I was just as witty as my comic portrays. Most of the time the one-liners are l’esprit d’escalier.

This is probably my favorite Halloween strip I’ve drawn. All of the costumes ended up looking great. I’m a little worried not enough people will know who Phoenix Wright is (or Thranduil, for that matter – I’m not sure just how much the Hobbit trailers have permeated the popular culture as of yet), but the Halloween strips have always been a bit indulgent.

I feel like I have a good rhythm going in my life right now, and finishing comics on time should be much easier from here on out. At least, I hope!


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